Other Links

IAC - Inter-African Committee (IAC)


The IAC promote health of women and children in Africa by addressing harmful traditional practices including female genital mutilation (FGM). This website contains detailed information about FGM and fieldwork undertaken in Africa.

WHO - World Health Organization


This website provides a comprehensive range of FGM educational resources, technical and legal material.

FARREP - Family and Reproductive Rights Education Programme, Australia


FARREP works with refugee/migrant communities and provides support and education for health professionals working with women affected by FGM. This website contains a range of FGM resources for communities and health professionals.

The Centre for Reproductive Rights


The Centre For Reproductive Rights uses the law and policy to secure reproductive freedom as a fundamental right. This website provides current data on international FGM law and related legal issues.

Amnesty International


Amnesty International's central goals are human rights campaigning, advocacy and education. This website contains resources relating to FGM and human rights.

Stop FGM


Stop FGM is a campaign which draws international attention to the human rights violations of FGM. This website has resources in English, French and Arabic.

Women & Gender - FGM


Afro.com contains links to relevant FGM news articles and related FGM issues in Africa.

FGM and Islam


This site presents a number of papers discussing the practice of FGM by Islamic scholars and Muslim women.

End FGM European Network


The End FGM European network (END FGM) is a European umbrella organisation set up by 11 national NGOs to ensure sustainable European action to end FGM.



FORWARD (Foundation for Women’s Health Research and Development) is committed to gender equality and safeguarding the rights of African girls and women.

Daughters of Eve


Daughters of  Eve is a non-profit organisation, that works to advance and protect the physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health rights of  young people from female genital mutilation practising communities.